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News for Mariners

After receiving all of the necessary permits from German authorities, Nord Stream 2 began offshore preparatory works around the Bay of Greifswald in mid-May 2018.

Construction work in German waters will affect an 85-kilometre stretch of the pipeline route. It will include trench excavation, the potential isolated clearance of explosive ordnance, and the transport of dredged sediment for storage and backfilling of trenches.

Permission to begin construction in this area was the result of an extensive planning and consultation process that began in April 2017. Authorities have agreed that the pipeline can be built in an environmentally friendly way, with only local and temporary impacts.

These impacts include special maritime conditions until the end of 2018 that apply to all users of the Bay of Greifswald and German territorial waters. Nord Stream 2 AG and the Regional Office of the Coast Guard of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ask that shipping, fishery and water sports vessels inform themselves before leaving the port. For more information, please refer to the documents provided in the sidebar.