Wasco Coatings orders 1.3 million tonnes of iron ore from LKAB Minerals

  • Iron ore is a component of concrete used to coat steel pipes
  • 200,000 pipes for the planned Nord Stream 2 Pipeline will be coated

2 мая 2017 г. | Stockholm | Wasco Coatings Europe GmbH, the coating and logistics contractor of Nord Stream 2 AG, has ordered 1.3 million tonnes of iron ore from LKAB Minerals AB, based in Luleå, Sweden. The iron ore will be used for the concrete coating of the steel pipes needed to build the planned Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. A heavy high-density concrete coating will be applied to each of the approximately 200,000 pipes to add weight, so that they remain in place on the seabed.

LKAB Minerals AB, Karlshamn Hamn AB and MMT Sweden AB are among the Sweden-based companies that have been directly or indirectly awarded orders from Nord Stream 2. The combined order value of these contracts to date exceed one billion Swedish kronor (100 million euros).

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