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Stakeholder engagement

Nord Stream 2 is committed to an open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders: authorities, NGOs, the local community, scientific and research experts, institutes and other organizations. Nord Stream 2 recognizes the importance of stakeholder engagement in building strong, constructive and responsive relationships that are essential for the successful management of environmental and social impacts. You can learn more about Nord Stream 2’s past, present and future stakeholder engagement activities in Russia in our Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

The objective of the dialog is to disclose information about the project while also giving stakeholders the opportunity to provide their opinions about it. This approach guarantees that decisions on the Nord Stream 2 project are based on proven expert opinion and clear scientific facts.

Nord Stream 2 is implemented in close contact with the research experts on the main aspects of the project and is taking into account their recommendations and proposals. Below some experts share their experience of such work:

Nord Stream 2

The important area for Nord Stream 2 is also the engagement with non-governmental environmental organizations. About why this is important and what issues deserve special attention, representatives of the non-governmental sector in the stories presented below say:

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Valentina Bubyreva (St Petersburg State University) on Flora in the Gulf of Finland

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Sergey Kouzov (St Petersburg State University) on Birds in the Gulf of Finland

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Alexey Knizhnikov on Dialogue with WWF Russia

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Mikhail Verevkin (Russian Academy of Sciences) on Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Finland

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Leonid Korovin (HELCOM) on Cooperation to Protect the Baltic Sea Marine Environment

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Boris Gannibal (Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences) on Plant Communities in the Gulf of Finland

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Andrey Pedchenko (GosNIORKh) on Biological Resources in the Gulf of Finland

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Rustam Sagitov on Dialogue with the Baltic Fund of Nature

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Mart Jüssi, International Expert on the Baltic Ringed Seal, on Cooperation with Baltic Region Environmentalists

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We are ready to answer your questions and consider any proposals you may have. Please Send your queries and proposals to Russia@nord-stream2.com or call us at +7 921 305 84 16.