Responsible infrastructure development in a sensitive area of Narva Bay

Protection of the environment is a priority for our company – and for each of the over 200 dedicated professionals who work for Nord Stream 2 AG. Adherence to regulatory requirements and environmental and industrial safety standards underpin our approach. Through careful planning, engineering solutions and comprehensive offset activities we will mitigate the impacts and safeguard the valuable and sensitive habitats and species. While the majority of impacts from the construction activities will be temporary only – our commitment to improving the condition of the nature reserve is lasting.

The proposal to plan the pipeline route across part of the Kurgalsky reserve was made after studies and the assessment of all options. The preparatory phase of the project took around five years, during which we studied all possible route options, the risks associated with each scenario, and ways of mitigating the risks. We have carefully studied every kilometre of coastline in the Gulf of Finland. As a result of the route evaluation process, only two possible locations offering access to the shore for the pipeline were identified, and based on comprehensive overall considerations, the route crossing Narva Bay has the least environmental impact.

We aim to build our pipeline with the least overall impact. Our team has demonstrated this commitment with the successful implementation of the Nord Stream project. The results of annual environmental monitoring have shown that the impact caused by the construction work was in line with and in some cases considerably lower than predicted in the preliminary assessments. Moreover, our compensation and offset activities in Germany received an environmental award and have been lauded as exemplary cases of responsible infrastructure development. This experience showed that pipeline construction in a sensitive area can be managed, and we are confident that implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project will also result in an overall improvement of the affected area through our mitigation and compensation activities.

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The Narva bay

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The Kolganpya Cape

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Modified territories on the Narva Bay route

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Analysis of bottom sediments

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Biotest on daphnias