Dialogue with the Experts

Nord Stream 2 is committed to an open and transparent dialogue with stakeholders to ensure that decisions on the Nord Stream 2 project are based on proven expert opinion and clear scientific facts.

Nord Stream 2 makes a point of communicating with the relevant parties: authorities, NGOs, the local community, scientific and research experts, institutes and other organisations. The objective is to disclose information about the project while also giving stakeholders the opportunity to provide their opinions about it.

As a responsible project developer, Nord Stream 2 will maintain an open dialogue with the expert community throughout all phases of the project.

As has been identified during the initial discussions and information meetings with stakeholders in Russia, the key concern is related to route selection. The Narva Bay route is considered by the project developer as the preferred option, based on comprehensive assessments by independent consultants and experts.

The Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University have provided a positive feedback to the reports on comparative environmental assessment of the route options for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in Russia.

Several experts discuss the project:

Interview: Mikhail Verevkin

Video of

Research Fellow, St. Petersburg Scientific Centre under the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Member of the Centre’s Environment and Natural Resources Joint Scientific Council
  • Leading authority on marine mammals of the Gulf of Finland
  • 25 years of research into the ringed seal and grey seal
  • Author of over 80 papers published in Russia and abroad

Interview: Boris Gannibal

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Lead research fellow at the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg)

  • PhD in biological sciences, executive editor of the periodical Vegetation of Russia
  • Member of the Russian Geographical Society and the Russian Botanical Society
  • Author of more than 150 studies on plant science, structure and changes in plant communities

Interview: Valentina Bubyreva

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Associate Professor, St. Petersburg State University

  • PhD in biological sciences
  • Associate professor in the Biology Faculty's Department of Plant Sciences

Interview: Andrey Pedchenko

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Director of the State Scientific Research Institute for the Freshwater Fishing Industry (GosNIORKh) PhD in geographic sciences

  • Member of the World Ocean Research and Consultative Board on biological resources
  • Expert with the International Marine Research Council on the Study of Commercial Fish Reserves in the Northern Atlantic
  • Author of more than 60 research papers

Interview: Sergey Kouzov

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Senior Research Fellow, Applied Ecology Department, Biology Faculty of St. Petersburg State University

  • Extensive research experience in the ecology of the water birds of the Gulf of Finland
  • Participant in international survey expeditions in the Gulf of Finland.
  • Author of some 120 scientific papers
  • Environmentalist dedicated to the conservation of rare bird species

Interview: Mart Jüssi

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Wildlife environmentalist

  • PhD in biological sciences
  • International expert on the Baltic ringed seal
  • Former chairman of the Estonian Parliamentary Committee on the Environment

Interview: Leonid Korovin

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Contact for the Russian Federation on the Helsinki Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)

  • Doctor of Biological Sciences, honoured ecologist of the Russian Federation
  • 30-year commitment to Baltic environmental issues and work within HELCOM
  • 2006 - 2014: Chairman of HELCOM LAND (Land-Based Pollution Group)
  • Organising Committee Secretary of the Baltic Sea Day International Environmental Forum since 2000

Interview: Alexey Knizhnikov*

Video of

Head of the Fuel and Energy Sector Environmental Policy Programme at WWF Russia

  • Has been working in environmental protection for some 30 years
  • Specializes in environmental protection for pipeline construction
  • Coordinates WWF Russia ratings of oil and mining companies’ environmental responsibility

*interview shot in March 2017

Interview: Rustam Sagitov

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Director of the Baltic Fund for Nature

  • Chairman of the National Committee at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • IUCN advisor
  • PhD in biological sciences
  • Assistant Professor in the Biology Faculty’s Vertebrate Zoology Department at St. Petersburg State University