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EIA Documentation in Finland

The Finnish Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was submitted along with a Map Atlas and the EIA Summary to the coordinating authority in April 2017. The EIA, prepared by environmental consultancy Ramboll, was based on the EIA programme and the statement from the coordinating authority, Uusimaa ELY Centre. The latter placed the EIA documentation on public display for two months in the spring in 2017. During this public hearing phase, authorities and the general public had the opportunity to provide their statements and opinions to the documentation.

The aim of the EIA procedure was to assess the project's environmental impacts and ensure that these are taken into consideration in the project planning and decision-making phase, along with providing the general public an opportunity to participate in the process. Three public meetings were held in Kotka, Helsinki and Hanko in May 2017.

EIA documentation for Finland

Environmental Impact Assessment Report (9,8 MB)
The EIA Report includes a description of the planned project activities within the Finnish exclusive economic zone (EEZ), its technical solutions, assessment of the potential environmental impacts and planned mitigation measures.

Summary of the EIA Report (9,2 MB)
The summary leaflet provides basic information on the project and an overview of the environmental impact assessment results.

Appendices for the EIA Report
Appendices are downloadable at the coordinating authority’s website.

EIA Atlas (7,9 MB)
Route maps and various baseline information maps of the Nord Stream 2 project area in the Finnish EEZ.

Website of the coordinating authority (in Finnish)
Coordinating authority’s official webpages regarding the EIA for the Nord Stream 2 project (including EIA programme, statements and opinions).