Nord Stream 2 is a European collaboration

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will transport natural gas into the European Union to enhance security of supply, support climate goals and strengthen the internal energy market.


Nord Stream 2 is a multi-national project across Europe

Nord Stream 2 is financed by leading energy companies from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria. A multi-billion Euro investment in European industry and services, the project involves more than 200 companies from 17 countries worldwide.


By the time the pipeline is finished, Nord Stream 2 will have contributed a total expenditure of 9.5 billion Euros including financing costs into the economy, bringing jobs and investments to more than 10 European countries.

Choice will strengthen the gas market

Nord Stream 2 will enhance the EU's security of supply and complement, not replace, existing gas supply options.

Once gas reaches the EU it will, in the future, be able to travel anywhere in the internal energy market.


The EU needs to import more gas

Domestic gas production is set to halve in the next two decades, as ageing assets are retired and hard-to-reach North Sea resources become uneconomic. The EU will need to import more gas and will need additional infrastructure to transport these imports. Nord Stream 2 together with other suppliers and supply routes (such as LNG) will meet these requirements – the share between them will be decided by the market.


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