Vessel Castoro 10 Starts Preparatory Works

July 24, 2018 | Lubmin (Germany)/Zug (Switzerland) | The offshore installation barge Castoro 10 (C10) has started preparatory works for future pipelaying for the Nord Stream 2 project today.

The C10 assumed its starting position with the help of its eight anchors in the shallow¬†watersof Lubmin. During operations, pipe segments are welded together on board the vessel and pulled ashore by a high-performance winch to connect the landfall facilities of Nord Stream 2 with the new offshore pipeline.

Simultaneously, preparatory works for the subsequent pipelaying, in the Bay of Greifswald continue. Five excavators are currently working on the 29-kilometres- long pipe trench.

Nord Stream 2 expects to complete construction works in the Bay of Greifswald by the end of this year.¬†