Statement on the use of Swedish ports for contractors of the Nord Stream 2 project

Dec. 15, 2016 | Zug | We acknowledge the potential decisions of Region Gotland and the municipality Karlshamn not to sign an agreement for the use of their respective harbours – Slite and Karlshamn.

Both ports had until very recently signaled their commercial interest in cooperating on the project. The consequence of the decision would be that Wasco Coatings GmbH, the German unit of Dutch Wasco Coatings BV, would not be able to sign contracts for the use of these harbours for pipe transshipments.

If both Swedish municipalities take a formal decision preventing the use of the harbours, Nord Stream 2 and its contractor Wasco Coatings, will look for alternative logistics facilities around the Baltic Sea.

During the first Nord Stream project, the company, Swedish authorities, municipalities, suppliers and local communities all cooperated in an open, constructive and fruitful manner over a period of many years. Nord Stream 2 would like to continue such cooperation guided by the same principles.