Nord Stream 2 Submits Application to Swedish Government

Sept. 16, 2016 | Stockholm | Nord Stream 2 AG today submitted its permit application for its planned offshore pipeline system to the Swedish government. The route will stretch for approximately 510 km on the Swedish continental shelf – outside Swedish national territory – and run broadly parallel to the existing Nord Stream pipelines.

The application includes a detailed technical description, a comprehensive environmental study (EIA) and atlases, and was filed to the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, in charge of the dossier. “The filing to the Swedish government is an important milestone for the Nord Stream 2 project. It sets off the project’s various national application processes,” says Nord Stream 2’s Chief Executive Officer Matthias Warnig.

Administrative Referral Phase, Followed by a Public Referral Phase

Sweden is the first jurisdiction where an application for the construction of Nord Stream 2 is filed, as the country’s permitting process includes a so-called administrative referral. This referral phase focuses on identifying additional documentation that may be required before the application goes public. Permit applications in the four other relevant jurisdictions – Russia, Finland, Denmark and Germany – are planned to be submitted early 2017. The five jurisdictions’ public national and international consultations are scheduled to run in parallel as of early 2017.

Minimal Environmental Impact on the Baltic Sea

Basing itself on the experience of the Nord Stream project and its environmental monitoring programme, the planned pipeline system is assessed to have a negligible environmental impact on the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 has been committed to safety and environmental-friendly solutions throughout the planning of the project, and will continue in this spirit during the construction and the operational phase.

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