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First concrete coated pipes delivered to Hanko, Finland, for storage

  • 200 km of pipes to be delivered by rail to the Port of Koverhar in Hanko
  • Main pipe deliveries by sea from Kotka to begin in Q3/2017

July 17, 2017 | Zug | The first concrete weight coated (CWC) pipes for the planned 1,200 kilometre Nord Stream 2 twin pipelines arrived today by rail at the Port of Koverhar in Hanko, Finland. Approximately 200 kilometres of CWC pipes will be transported by train to Koverhar between mid-July and the third quarter of 2017, to be stored in the port until the start of construction in 2018.

These consignments of CWC pipes produced by ChelPipe in Russia are delivered on trains with 63 wagons each carrying three of the 12-metre, 24-tonne pipes. The main CWC pipe deliveries to the Port of Koverhar will be made by sea on vessels transporting the pipes from the coating plant in Kotka operated by Nord Stream 2's logistics partner Wasco. These deliveries will start in Q3 2017.

The Port of Koverhar in Hanko will serve as one of the four logistics hubs to be used for the Nord Stream 2 project. Altogether 30% of the 204,000 pipes needed to construct the pipelines will be stored at Koverhar before being transported to the pipe-lay vessels during construction. Wasco's operations will employ up to 50 people for the duration of the project.

The logistics concept for this international energy infrastructure project has been optimised to meet the project's challenging requirements with respect to available port resources and utilising eco-friendly transportation.

You can find this press release in Finnish in the sidebar.

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