Concrete weight coating of the Nord Stream 2 pipes begins in Kotka, Finland

  • Pipe coating and logistics operations to employ 300 persons in Kotka
  • Concrete weight coating to add stability of the pipeline on the seabed
  • Kotka will again play a key role for the project

March 27, 2017 | Kotka, Finland | Nord Stream 2 AG’s Contractor Wasco has started concrete weight coating of the pipes needed for the natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea in its pipe coating plant in Kotka, Finland. Almost half of the 200,000 pipes needed for the entire project will be concrete weight coated in Wasco’s plant located in the Port of HaminaKotka.   

Coating and logistics operations for Nord Stream 2 provide an important economic stimulus to the region for the duration of the project. Wasco has already hired 195 persons for its coating plant operations. During the peak production period, it will employ up to 300 persons directly and approximately 100 persons indirectly for various operations, such as plant maintenance, storage and port operations. Coating for the Nord Stream 2 project will continue in Kotka until late 2018.

Kotka serves as an important hub for the Nord Stream 2 project’s challenging logistics. To date Wasco’s Kotka storage yard has received over 35,000 pipes from the pipe mills.


Once the pipes have been coated with concrete, part of them will be stored in Wasco’s storage yard directly in Kotka, and the rest will be transhipped to another storage yard in Koverhar, Hanko in Finland. During construction, coated pipes will be fed from the storage yards to the pipe-lay vessels in time and on-demand. 

Concrete weight coating increases the stability of the pipeline on the seabed, as the concrete doubles to 24 tonnes the weight of each 12 metre, 48-inch diameter pipe joint. Coating also protects the pipes from external damage when they are stored, transported and eventually lowered on to the seabed.

The start of coating in Kotka is yet another milestone for the Nord Stream 2 project. The company has already closed all major contracts.

You can find this press release in Finnish below.