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Maps | Permitting

Map: Route Selection in Russia

Oct 2017
Maps | Energy Supply

European Gas Pipeline Network

Oct 2017
Background Paper | Environmental Monitoring, Permitting

Key Facts About the Narva Bay Route in Russia

Jun 2017
Maps | Environmental Monitoring, Permitting

Map: Alternative Routes Carefully Compared in Russia’s Kurgalsky Region

Apr 2017
Report | Energy Supply

KPMG: Situation of the Ukrainian natural gas market and transit system

Apr 2017
Environmental Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring, Permitting

Summary of the Espoo Report

Apr 2017
Environmental Impact Assessment | Permitting

The Espoo Report (9 languages)

Apr 2017
Environmental Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring, Espoo Documentation 2017, Permitting

Atlas, Espoo Report

Apr 2017
Project Background | Permitting

National Permitting Processes

Mar 2017
Report | Energy Supply

Thinkstep: Greenhouse Intensity of Natural Gas Transport – Comparing the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to LNG Import Alternatives

Mar 2017
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