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Background Paper | Construction

Pipeline Construction

Nov 2021
Infographic | Construction

Landfall Facilities in Russia

Nov 2021
Fact Sheet | Construction

Project Milestones 2013-2021

Sep 2021
Fact Sheet | Economic Impact, Environmental Monitoring, Project Rationale

New State-of-the-Art Gas Supply System Benefits Europe

Sep 2021
Background Paper | Construction

Background: Above Water Tie-In in German Waters

Sep 2021
Fact Sheet | Project Rationale

Facts & Figures

Sep 2021
Report | Environmental Monitoring

Nord Stream 2 Construction & Operation in the Finnish EEZ – Environmental & Technical Monitoring – Annual Report 2020

May 2021
Background Paper | Project Rationale

New Pipeline for Europe’s Energy Future

Feb 2021
Infographic | Permitting

How to File a Grievance

Jan 2021
Brochure | Environmental Monitoring, Permitting

Environmental and Community Initiatives (ECo-I): Aims and Achievements

Jan 2021
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