A new pipeline for Europe’s energy future.

Opinion poll shows clear majority in support of Nord Stream 2 and natural gas in Germany

  • 66% of Germans polled by forsa think building the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline is the “right choice”
  • 92% believe the criticism by US President Trump is fuelled by own economic interest to increase LNG sales
  • 65% believe conventional energies should continue to play a role in German energy supply

July 27, 2018 | German citizens support the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline and think stable natural gas supply is key for German energy security, German polling institute forsa found out.

The brief opinion poll conducted in July 2018 established that the vast majority (84%) of German citizens believes Trump’s statement of Germany being “totally controlled by Russia” due to its energy imports to be “absurd”. An overwhelming majority of 92% suspect that the real reason behind President Trump’s statements are US interests of increasing own LNG sales to Europe.

Asked whether Nord Stream 2 would make energy supply to Germany more secure and stable, two-thirds (66%) agree. In contrast, 23% are of the opinion that Nord Stream 2 will increase Germany's dependency on Russia. This sentiment is shared across all party affiliations.

65% of respondents assume that Germany's future energy supply cannot be secured via renewable energies alone and that conventional energy sources will be necessary to guarantee supply security. Asked which conventional fuels should be primarily used in future energy supply to supplement renewables, natural gas is most frequently mentioned (63%). Coal, nuclear energy and oil are all trailing behind with mentions ranging from 20-29%.

The poll was conducted by forsa Institute for Social Research and Statistical Analysis for media group RTL on 19/20 July 2018.

For more information, please find the study here.