Espoo Process for the North-Western Route in Denmark

Due to the amendment of the Continental Shelf Act (1 January 2018) and awaiting the recommendation of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that has been pending since then, Nord Stream 2 decided to explore alternative routes outside of Danish territorial waters.

Nord Stream 2 submitted a construction application and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for an alternative route north-west of Bornholm to the competent Danish Authorities on August 10, 2018. The application and EIA are available for download here

In the framework of the Espoo Convention, Denmark, as Party of Origin, provided the relevant documentation to all Affected Parties as the basis for national participation of authorities and the public. This consultation phase is scheduled from October to December 2018 according to national legal requirements. As a result, Denmark as Party of Origin will receive comments from the Affected Parties and consider them in the final decision on whether to grant permits for the project.

Public Participation 

Interested stakeholders in all Affected Parties are invited to submit feedback on the relevant documentation for the north-western route. Comments should be directed to the responsible national authority of the Affected Party. The relevant national authority in each Affected Party will organise public participation according to their national legal requirements.

A summary of the permit application, the Non-Technical Summary of the EIA, the transboundary impact chapter and a draft permit are available for download in the nine languages of the Baltic Sea countries and English on the website of the Danish Energy Agency.

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