Safety and mitigating environmental impact come first in Nord Stream 2’s meticulous construction plan. Each step of building one of the world’s longest offshore pipelines has been tailored to local conditions after extensive research and planning.

Landfall Germany

The pipeline will reach the European gas grid in the northern German coastal town of Lubmin, near Greifswald.

  • (-) Landfall facilities
  • (-) Microtunnelling


The pipeline will be laid in sections under the Baltic Sea between the two landfalls, measuring 1,230 km when complete.

Preparatory activities:

  • (-) Rock placement
  • (-) Munitions clearance
  • (-) Crossing installations


  • (-) Pipelaying and logistics

Landfall Russia

The pipeline begins on the Russian coast at Narva Bay.

  • (-) Landfall facilities
  • (-) Onshore pipelaying
  • (-) Offshore pipelaying
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