Respect for ...

Nord Stream 2 is committed to working in harmony with the world around us. This means showing the utmost respect for all our energy needs, for the safety of our personnel and others, and for the environment and communities we touch.

... Energy security

Delivering reliable and economic energy infrastructure

With our new pipeline we are advancing and promoting the reliability and security of gas supply to the European transmission network. We are providing industries and households in Europe with an additional, secure and sustainable supply route for natural gas.

We are building on and continuing the strong, four-decade legacy of cooperation in the energy sector between Russia and the European Union. Together we can secure direct access for the EU to the world’s largest natural gas resources – in a reliable, environmentally sound way and under sensible economic conditions.

... Safety

Fulfilling the highest standards for safe and reliable operations

We will build on the success and proven track-record of the predecessor pipeline project, Nord Stream. The new pipeline will be constructed and operated under the same state-of-the-art standards for technology, compliance, labour and Health, Safety, Environment (HSE). We will work with offshore industry leaders to meet the highest international safety standards during the construction and operation of our pipeline.

... Environmental protection

Providing environmentally friendly and sustainable supply infrastructure

The successful construction of the first Nord Stream pipeline has shown that natural gas transportation through the Baltic Sea is a sustainable solution to meet the demand for natural gas in the EU. The results from Nord Stream’s Environmental and Social Monitoring Programmes demonstrate that the pipeline’s construction did not cause any significant or lasting environmental impacts. Nord Stream set new benchmarks for environmental protection and Nord Stream 2 will match these standards and continue to expand the knowledge about the Baltic Sea's important ecosystem.

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